my friend jackie

by my friend jackie

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released February 2, 2017



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my friend jackie Porto, Portugal

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Track Name: Jack
I’m at my best
If I’m refining the art of concealing
It’s all so I don’t become (become)
Figure of fun in my own life

And I’m pretty sure there’s nothing beyond that
All my effort will eventually be paid back
There’s no feeling worth enduring agony
Everything’s ephemeral
I wish you’d see
Just how out of this world cold hearts can be

Steer clear of sensations that make
All my whole being shake

Waited all my life but there’s no feeling
Not even deep inside
Nothing is thrilling
I wonder if I am ever getting over this cold weather

Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m out of luck
Or if I’m simply making this up
Maybe I’m purging sins from another life
Well, what can I do to make it right?
Am I capable of seeing light?
Maybe even travel through space and time

I don’t know how to get out of this with all limbs
Feel like I’m stuck in time and it’s only stopped for me
Suddenly I’m alone
Turns out I’m not as strong as I thought I was
Did it again to me then to them
All I’ve ever wanted was to impress

I’ve cursed all my life
But now I feel it
Feel deep it inside
And there’s an ending
To this life I’m living

Capable of deep affection
I’m just sensitive to rejection
Track Name: Mermaid
Might be a little bit in love with that shade of blue
A little bit in love with you
It’s the colour of your underwear
And then your skin is bare
For them to see just how wicked you can be

My consciousness
It moves in spirals around one thought
To be on my own or with you
I guess without you not

Could be
A little bit of nothing
For once you’d see
The consequence of your being

Inevitable road
Will we get there whole?

Like a mermaid falling into a well
Chances are thin
But what if it really fell?
Track Name: Witching Hour
The night you came twas 3AM
Well I know because I was awake
For the witching hour

Grown a lot these days
Got a bunch of power
Cursing what’s mine compelled me to do
Something about you

Thunder came around
As I dug a hole
It was raining loads

Then I threw you in
Without second thought
In an empty slot

This inexhaustible spin
That I’m slipping into

Then when I see their soul
And I’m sucked into an endless void
Filled with everything I’ve wished for
Have I not been here before?

They tried to put a spell on me without sacrifice
Didn’t see them at the witching hour
Waited a lot, got a brand new power

Might’ve thinned before
Growing back again
Don’t you think we can bloom until the end?
Track Name: Mouth
Wight with no kith or kin,
are you meeting somebody real soon?
Is that why you’re wearing blue?
Are those knickers brand new?
Tell me, could you feel their scented wrist?
Another on your list
Spiritual suprematist
Mouth open,
The gist of it